Queue Management Software

Qtech professional statistical reports provide useful overall information with regards to the provision of customer service, level of productivity of staff and the analysis of peak time intervals.

Qtech professional queue management software captures important variables such as average waiting time, average transaction time, transactions being served within target time (set by management), the longest transaction and at which time it occurred.

In addition, the exact individual queue ticket number taken is reflected against the particular name of the counter staff within each time block so as to provide useful feedback to management.

Qtech colorful graphical statistical reports can be generated easily for any defined period which the user would like to print. A “calendar month” appears on the screen which allows the user to select the defined period by keying the first and the last date.

In summary, the Qtech professional queue management system is user friendly, effective, efficient and it assists management to achieve organizational objectives.

The advantages of the queue management software are as follows: